TTB Forms
for nonbeverage drawback claimants and users of specially denatured spirits.

The official TTB forms below are Adobe™ Portable Document (.pdf) files and require the free Acrobat® Reader™ to view and print the forms. Since the forms take time to load in browser window they should instead be downloaded and viewed offline. Note: These forms are current as of February 2008.  Most of the forms are now "fill-in" forms.

 Forms for nonbeverage drawback claimants:
F 5630.5  "Special Tax Registration and Return Alcohol and Tobacco"
F 5100.1  "Signing Authority for Corporate Officials"
F 5000.8  "Power of Attorney"
F 5154.1  (Formerly 1678) "Formula and Process for Nonbeverage Product"
F 5620.8  (Formerly 2635) "Claim - Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Taxes" (Revised 2/2001)
F 5154.2  "Supporting Data for Nonbeverage Drawback Claims". This form and format can be modified by users (e.g. computer-generated) to suit their operations provided all required information is shown. 
F 5154.3  "Bond for Drawback Under 26 U.S.C. 5131" is not currently available online here or at the TTB website. This form is required for claimants who wish to file monthly drawback claims instead of quarterly claims. (As of 8/19/96 former bond F 5530.3 may not be used. Previous bonds remain in effect.)
F 5000.18  "Change of Bond (Consent of Surety).  This form is required for claimants who wish to change existing drawback bonds.
 Forms for users of specially denatured spirits:
 In addition to forms 5630.5, 5000.8, and 5100.1 (see above) the following are also required:
F 5000.9  Personnel Questionnaire - Alcohol and Tobacco Products
F 5150.22  Application for an Industrial Alcohol User Permit (also used to amend permits)
F 5000.29  (Formerly 1740.1)  Environmental Information
F 5000.30  (Formerly 1740.2)  Supplemental Information on Water Quality Considerations 
F 5150.19  Formula and/or Process for Article made with Specially Denatured Spirits
F 5150.18  User's Report of Denatured Spirits



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