TTB Gauging Manual and Tables
Note: The "Gauging Manual" (27 CFR Part 30) and its tables relate primarily to gauging spirits at distilled spirits plants (DSPs).  However, the manual's conversion tables Nos. 4, 5, and 6 are frequently used by all regulated entities including manufacturers of nonbeverage products (MNBPs).  (The regulations and tables can be downloaded directly from this website without searching for them on the TTB website)    


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27 CFR Part 30 Gauging Manual Regulations (without tables)

27CFR 30.htm 27CFR 30.pdf

    -Gauging Manual Table No. 4 "Gallons per Pound"

not available Table 4.pdf

    -Gauging Manual Table No. 5 "Pounds per Gallon"

not available Table 5.pdf

    -Gauging Manual Table No. 6 (Specific gravities of proofs)

not available Table 6.pdf

The following tables are not typically used by MNBPs.  Links to the TTB website files are provided below.


link to file at TTB website

 Table No. 1 "True Percent Proof" (hydrometer vs. temp.) 

 Table No. 2 "Percent of Proof" (pounds/wine gals/proof/gals) 

 Table No. 3 "Proof Gallons by Weight and Proof" 

 Table No. 7 "Table for Correction of Volume to 60F" 


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