INDEX TO RULINGS issued since 1955 that affected MNBPs

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  TTB Rulings:


  ATF Rulings:

91-2  Determination of proof - use of Mettler density meters ru91-2.doc
89-1  Facsimile Transmitted Copies of Forms and Documents ru89-1.doc
82-7  Drawback on Spirits Used for Medical Diagnostic Tests ru82-7.doc
81-8  Disposal of spent vanilla beans ru81-8.doc
77-27  Changes made to formulas on Form 1678 ru-77-27.doc
76-19  Intermediate products fit for beverage purposes ru76-19.doc
76-17  Eligibility of distilled spirits for drawback ru76-17.doc
73-1  Classification of "brandied fruits" as nonbeverage ru73-1.doc

  Revenue Rulings issued by ATFD*:

69-138  Time distilled spirits considered "used" ru69-138.doc
63-87  Drawback on "food adjuncts" ru63-87.doc
58-428  Samples of cordials and liquors using flavorings ru58-428.doc
58-350  Eligibility of formulas containing coumarin or tonka ru58-350.doc
57-555  Spent vanilla beans ru57-555.doc
56-395  Transfer of spirits by MNBP to other containers ru56-395.doc
56-394  Claims for drawback - "in process" ru56-394.doc
56-367  Specially denatured alcohol in nonbeverage formulas ru56-367.doc
56-336  Drawback on distilled spirits - Druggists ru56-336.doc
56-335  Drawback on exported nonbeverage products ru56-335.doc
56-314  Products disapproved for drawback ru56-314.doc
56-239  Specially denatured alcohol in nonbeverage formulas ru56-239.doc
55-512  Spent vanilla beans ru55-512.doc
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*ATFD was the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division of the Treasury Department, the
predecessor of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms which was formed in 1972.

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