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Robert L. Anello is considered one of the foremost industry-experts in regulations and laws concerning distilled spirits tax drawback for nonbeverage product manufacturing.

Mr. Anello has more than thirty years hands-on experience in the flavor and fragrance industry in formulation, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs and is highly skilled in all technical, regulatory, and financial aspects of distilled spirits tax drawback.

He started in the flavor and fragrance industry at age seventeen while attending college in New York and has since devoted his entire working career to the industry.

Prior to starting his consulting practice Mr. Anello was Director of Alcohol Regulatory Compliance for Tastemaker (the former partnership of Fries & Fries, Inc. and Hercules PFW Flavors) which is now merged into Givaudan Flavors.

Mr. Anello was a member of the six-member expert panel at the 1995 IFT's technical program "The Use of Flavors in Alcoholic Beverages: An Integrated View" in Anaheim, CA.

He is the creator of the original "FIDS" (Flavor Ingredient Data Sheet) and its concept. The FIDS was adopted in 1994 as a standard procedure in a program which is called "PFAP" (Partnership Formula Approval Process), a partnership program between the ATF (now TTB) and flavor manufacturers.

He is an originator of many unique and innovative methods and approaches to the nonbeverage drawback process and has used techniques many years before they were "officially" made known when the ATF revised the nonbeverage drawback regulations in 1996.

His reputation, experience, and knowledge is highly respected by the TTB's National Laboratory Center and the National Revenue Center.

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