Robert L. Anello, Consultant
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Phone: 513-894-4191
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I provide a full range of technical and regulatory services to manufacturers of nonbeverage products (MNBP's) for all matters related to distilled spirits tax drawback to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of Title 27 Code of Federal Regulations (27 CFR) and with the statutory requirements of Title 26 United States Code (26 U.S.C.).

My area of expertise is the flavor and extract manufacturing industry and the chemical manufacturing industry.

Among the services I provide are:

Nonbeverage Formulas and Process:

  • Prepare and file nonbeverage drawback formulas and formula amendments.
  • Provide technical and regulatory assistance with formulation, preparation, and filing.
  • Review client formulas and amendments for technical accuracy and compliance with regulations.
  • Nonbeverage Drawback claims:

    Registration and corporate change:

    On-site lectures, seminars, training:

    Compliance Audits:

    New concepts and strategies:

    Main office in the Cincinnati, Ohio area close to the TTB National Revenue Center where drawback claims are processed provides a central location for providing on-site servicing within 12-24 hour notice (subject to schedule) for clients in the central and mid-west areas and within 24-48 hour notice (subject to schedule) for clients in the north-Atlantic and mid-Atlantic areas.

    I am available in the New York area on a frequent (monthly or bi-monthly) basis; operating from a New York City location; to provide services to clients located in the New York - New Jersey area.


    I usually bill at an hourly rate (plus expenses) for most services. Some services are billed at a "flat-fee charge". Long-term projects of several days work are billed at reduced rates and expense charges usually at daily (per diem) or weekly maximums. 

    I do not post my fees and charges on the website. Call my office at 513-894-4191 to discuss fees or to request a copy of my fees and charges by FAX.


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    Robert L. Anello, Consultant
    329 North C Street
    Hamilton,  OH 45013-3110
    Fax: 513-894-4190
    Phone: 513-894-4191

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